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SAILS Consumers, Among Our Many Disability Success Stories

Success Stories 

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  Becky Jaramillo

Determined To Live Independently

Becky Jaramillo had a stroke in January of 2010 and she ended up living in a nursing home. She wanted very much to move out and live in her own place and live more independently. Becky attempted many times to move out from the nursing home but several agencies denied assisting her and even told her that she was unable to live on her own because of her condition. She was absolutely determined to get out and show everyone she could live on her own. So, she contacted SAILS for assistance in relocating her back into the community into her own place to live.

Becky determined To Live Independently and she is living independently now!

Sam Wilson

Sam is finishing college

Sam Wilson is prone to anxiety attacks and depression, with life skill programs provided through San Antonio Independent Living Services he is motivated to venture from the security of his home to pursue activities in the city. With medical monitoring and staff encouragement, the case management services was also very beneficial for Sam to surpass his goal to loose 100 lbs.

He is on the way to fulfill his dream of finishing college!

    Yolanda Michaud

Yolanda is A Successful Neonatal Nurse

Yolanda Michaud was a nurse who was struck with degenerative arthritis. She could not move, bend, sit, walk or drive without intense pain. After battling many obstacles and contacting Bruce Orey, SAILS Community Work Incentive Coordinator, Yolanda is now working as a nurse again. She works three 12-hour shifts each week in the neonatal intensive care unit at Methodist Hospital.

"Do what you are capable of and pace yourself! Most of all, love what you do!" Yolanda has proclaimed.

"Do what you are capable of and pace yourself! Most of all, love what you do!" Yolanda has proclaimed.

David Whitaker

David Finally "Fits In"

Most of David Whitaker's life has been one of confusion, struggles and strife to "fit in." He states, "I never really fit into the special education programs in the schools." David doesn't appear to be disabled. In fact, to look at him one would surmise that he is not a person who is disabled-but he is. David is a person with a mental disability that poses challenges and tests his abilities every single day.

The good news is that today, and for the past six years, David has a successful job providing janitorial services for SAILS. I guess he has finally found a place where he "fits in" just fine.