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This website is completely funded by individual sponsors,
advocates, family members, professionals, volunteers in support for
a higher accomplishment of SAILS mission
to serve more, diversified services and programs
for the people with disabilities in all communities

Serving People With Disabilities In Our Communities

Success Stories 

    A Message from an Advocate for
San Antonio Independent Living Services
Kitty L. Brietzke, J.D.
SAILS Executive Director

Dear Friends of SAILS:
   Since 1981, San Antonio Independent Living Services (SAILS) has worked to make San Antonio and the surrounding counties a better place to live, work and play for people with disabilities. In 2008, SAILS proudly celebrated another year of serving families with disabilities in San Antonio and the surrounding counties. SAILS mission is to advocate for the rights and empowerment of people with disabilities and to provide needed services to people with disabilities in order to increase their self-determination and independence.
   SAILS is both a federal and state designated center for independent living. Staff is required to provide the following core services: advocacy, independent living skills, peer support and information and referrals. However, SAILS goes "above and beyond" by providing so much more to families with disabilities. For example, SAILS partners with the City of San Antonio, Department of Community Initiatives' Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program to provide free tax preparation services to eligible consumers. Interpreters are also provided free of charge to people who are deaf. SAILS partners with San Antonio's Alamo Area Council of Government's Alamo Service Connection program to provide information and referrals to people who are elderly and/or disabled. This important collaborative has been very beneficial to SAILS staff because resources are located more efficiently and quickly.
   As mentioned, SAILS partners with many community agencies, organizations or corporations in order to host several events throughout the year. The relationships that that develop help SAILS with sponsorships for large community events such as this year's 22nd Annual ADA celebration, SAILS Fiesta Picnic, our Annual Volunteer Luncheons, 2010 Gala, 2011 Music Festival at Mogan's Wonderland, and this year 2012 Music Festival will be at Sunken Garden Theatre, October 27. SAILS believes in the power of community partnerships; we can't succeed alone and appreciate the help through volunteerism and financial support.

   Finally, SAILS employs people with disabilities who are experienced and understand the needs of our consumers. SAILS consumers, likewise, enjoy coming to meet with the staff. Consumers know they will receive quality services. Their success is truly our success!


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